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What type of competition will ejudicator work for?

Edjudicator is the perfect solution for any subjective adjudicated competition. Whether its Music Solo and Ensemble, Dance, Cheer, Pageants, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, fittness and more,  the ability to customize scoring sheets to fit your requirements allows for a wide range of uses. 

Can I setup separate divisions within the scoring system?

Yes. The program is designed to setup as many divisions as you prefer. You can also change the number and name of judges for each division. The same method works for a preliminary round and a finals round. You can use the same score sheet(s) for each division/competition or use a different one for each.


Can I assign a parent to manage the scoring?

Abosutely. They would use your name and password to login. Once there they can manage the event.


Does allow for caption awards?​

It does. As you setup your event, you can assign caption awards and what elements will effect that award. These awards can be setup based on score or judges opinion as you determine. The awards sheet printed upon completion will automatically assign the awards based on the criteria you determine.


Is scoring based on raw scores or ​judges ranking?

The program is designed to select either one. As you setup your score sheets you will choose one or the other for your event. You can even use raw scores for prelims and judges rank for finals. The choice is yours.


Can I use different score sheets for different judges?​

​Yes you can. If you have adjudicators judging different categories and elements, you can setup separate sheets for each. They will all total together at the conclusion of the event on a comprehensive sheet. You will have the choice of scoring on two different basis - "sum of all scores" (straight scoring) or "ranked scoring" (each judges scores are ranked by group then the combination of ranks determines the finish order).



Many competitions have implemented at their events. These are some of the FAQ's we received thoughout the process:

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